Foundation and Values

Growing up in South Lake Tahoe, I formed a deep connection with nature at a very young age. Unfortunately, as an adult, I can't always run away to the mountains on a whim. I know many others are in the same boat. That's why I create handmade, natural gemstone jewelry to remind myself and others of our love for nature during those times that we can't be on the road or on the trail.

Adventurous Soul Values


Because my jewelry is inspired by the beautiful planet we live on, I pledge to do my part to protect it.
The electroforming process that I use requires electricity to move copper from one object to another. The electricity in our home comes from solar panels. We've also opted into a program through our utility provider to ensure that any overages in energy come from renewable sources.
I do my best to source recycled business products or use items that are reusable by you. You might find bubble wrap from packages I receive, recycled tissue paper, etc.
As of September 2019, we are using only recycled scrap copper as our source material in the electroforming process.


I've lived in Sacramento since 2002. That happens to be the same year that Time Magazine named it as "America's most diverse city." While we're no longer number one (yay for diversity in other cities too!) it's hands down my favorite thing about this place. I hope to see the same diversity in my business partners, collaborators, and customers as I do in my friends and neighbors.
Feel confident wearing this jewelry knowing that no matter your race, religion, gender identity, size, or sexual preference, you are loved, and these pieces are made for YOU.
I also believe that the outdoors is for everyone. I'm so proud that we are now able to combine our love for the environment and our value of diversity by giving back to Sacramento Inspiring Connections Outdoors via our membership in 1% for the Planet.
Sac ICO is an entirely volunteer run organization that inspires the next diverse generation of environmental lovers and leaders by taking children and young adults from disadvantaged communities in the Sacramento area to have adventures in nature. Many of these youth see the ocean or the snow for the very first time on these trips.
... but it gets better. Not only will Adventurous Soul Jewelry be donating funds to the cause, but I'll be volunteering to take these kids on these trips as well! I hope to share some of these special moments with you in the future.

Small Business

As a small business building a brand and community, I want to support other small businesses who are doing the same! Although not always possible, I try to purchase my materials from other small businesses like mine.
Make sure to head on over to our Instagram, because I really love to show you about other makers and small businesses who are doing amazing things of their own.